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BPU Proposes District Heat Retooling

By District Energy posted 04-24-2024 07:18


The Post-Journal


After a 15-month engineering study of the Jamestown Board of Utilities District Heating system, the utility is proposing a project to expand and retool the utility’s thermal heating system.

The new initiative is named, “Retool District Heating: Charting for the Future.”

The Ramboll Engineering analysis of the BPU’s unique heating system was funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and provides the BPU with suggested alternative fuel sources for the Jamestown BPU thermal heating network.

“This first option leverages the BPU’s wastewater treatment plant which has a constant flow of cleaned warm water leaving the facility where a heat exchanger and water-water heat pump could extract this continuous supply of thermal energy. Another path forward is based on ground-source heat extraction using a significant number of closed-loop wells

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