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Metro Vancouver moves to take some heat off its Burnaby trash incinerator

By District Energy posted 25 days ago


Vancouver Sun


Metro Vancouver plans to cut the GHG impact of its Burnaby incinerator with a district heat system to take 50,000 homes off of natural gas.

Metro Vancouver is deep into a $207 million plan to offset the greenhouse gases it produces from burning about 25 per cent of the region’s garbage with what could be the biggest district energy system in North America.

The regional authority has incinerated about 240,000 tonnes of the region’s trash at a facility in South Burnaby since 1988, where it has also always generated enough electricity to power some 16,000 homes, said Paul Henderson, general manager of solid waste service.

The next step, however, is to harvest a lot of the heat that the waste-to-energy facility generates and turn it into hot water for the River District neighbourhood in South Vancouver, then eventually Burnaby’s Metrotown town centre and Edmonds neighbourhood.

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