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Could Finland become a giant in hydrogen energy?

By District Energy posted 05-16-2024 08:35




While celebrating May Day this year, many people may have missed what could turn out to be a major piece of news for Finland's future.

It was the announcement of a 45-million-euro grant in aid by the EU's European Hydrogen Bank to the Finnish company Nordic Ren-Gas, which aims to build a production plant for renewable fuels in Lahti.

Janne Peljo, Chief Policy Adviser on Climate and Biodiversity at the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), lists the advantages of the Lahti project, which in principle are the advantages of all Finnish hydrogen projects:

  • There is a lot of emission-free electricity generation in Finland.
  • It is growing all the time.
  • The waste heat from the production of hydrogen can be used for district heating in cities.
  • Biomass-based carbon dioxide sources are readily available in Finland and are needed for further processing of hydrogen.
  • Electricity is relatively cheap.

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