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Waste heat from SSAB Hämeenlinna to be used in district heating network

By District Energy posted 05-16-2024 08:48




SSAB and energy company Loimua have agreed on the utilization of waste heat from SSAB Hämeenlinna (Finland) in the Hämeenlinna district heating network. Loimua will build a heating and cooling plant on SSAB's site. The plant will have a heating capacity of around 10 MW and produce approximately 70 GWh of district heat per year. This corresponds to the heating needs of approximately 3,000 single-family houses and covers around 15% of Hämeenlinna's heating needs.

The future solution will involve recovering heat from the cooling system at the Hämeenlinna Works. After a heat pump plant, the heat will be conducted to Loimua’s Vanaja power plant and fed into the district heating network. A district heating pipeline of just over 2.5 km will be built between SSAB's works and the power plant. Construction work will begin this year and the project is scheduled to complete in early 2026. During construction, the project will have an employment impact of around 20 full-time equivalents.

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