Anbaric Development Partners, LLC

Anbaric Development Partners, LLC
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Anbaric’s corporate mission is to develop innovative, large electric infrastructure projects, and to be good stewards of the portions of those projects we and our investor partners own directly. As a developer, Anbaric invests in projects that will have long lifespans: electric transmission and distribution assets foremost among them. As a steward of our investors’ capital, we are interested in growing our portfolio of assets that provide steady, reliable returns for decades to come. We do not seek energy commodity exposure. Instead, we seek to develop and own interests in assets and companies that are platforms for the efficient trade of energy.

Anbaric is also developing a series of large Microgrids (also known as distributed energy systems). This exciting new area of activity is based on the explosive growth in the sophistication in technology that enables discrete energy “campuses” to be developed in a way that allows for central control and dispatch of both distributed generation sources and demand response and control resources.

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Dirk Van Ouwerkerk


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