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I got a Master Degree in Engineer from Technical University of Denmark in 2000 and since followed 4 years as a refrigeration consultant for the food and dairy industry in Denmark. Since then I have been working in the UK for industrial refrigeration companies. Since March 2013 as Product Manager for Heat Pumps for GEA. This role involves development of industrial heat pumps application and training of GEA’s global sales team.

I have acquired a broad knowledge of industrial ammonia heat pump applications through many installations with capacities from 200 kW to 40,000 kW. With applications stretching from Dairies, Food processing, Combined heat and power and ground source heat pumps. With the continued development of the market I have also been involved the innovation of new hydro carbon and CO2 Heat Pump technologies.


Over the years I have published many articles and technical papers on high efficiency industrial ammonia heat pump applications. The work also entails education of consultants through CPD (Continued Professional Development) seminars where consultants have a chance to learn the latest development within natural refrigerant heat pumps