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Jerome Malmquist, Director, Energy Management at the University of Minnesota, manages the staff responsible for facility and utility engineering, utility production and distribution, building control systems, energy optimization, record retention and facility maintenance support on the Twin Cities Campuses and the technical support of state wide facilities as requested. The organization, a skeleton crew in the year 2000, has been developed and is widely recognized as a high performing team of engineers, technicians and trades. Prior to the University, Jerome spent twenty-seven years with the 3M Company and a 3M spin-off. He began his career in engineering project management working his way up through research and development, machine design, plant engineering, eventually managing corporate plant and facility engineering activities from New Jersey to California and Tennessee to Minnesota. Was nationally recognized as the Plant Engineer of the Year for contributions in reducing plant site emissions by over 90% at a 3M plant in Camarillo, California. He served five years on the Board of Directors for the Ventura County Economic Development Association. Jerome is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering.