Jesper Peter Menne Baunsgaard

Ross DK A/S
Ross DK A/S
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Ross DK A/S
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Jesper has a background within sales, marketing and project management. Jesper has worked with project and product definitions, getting to know and understand the values drivers for his customers and translating this into the core product, its features and capabilities.

Jesper looks for broad perspective, aiming at understanding and seeing the red line in function and usage of products, processes and procedures. This approach allows me to focus of delivering results which focus on customer needs and expectations, but at the same time ensure that I work to maximize revenue, minimize time, lessen constrains and look at minimizing the risks for the overall process.

- Solid understanding of complex technical solutions
- Management of project across divisions and borders
- Process oriented
- Analytical
- International orientation
- Project management
- Presentations
- Marketing