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Reshape Infrastructure Strategies
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Trent is a professional economist, management consultant and executive based in Vancouver, BC. He has 25 years of experience in the electricity, gas, district energy and water sectors, including technology evaluation, project feasibility, market studies, ownership, financing, contracts and regulation. Trent’s current passion is the interface between city building and energy development, with a particular focus on developing, renewing, expanding and decarbonizing critical urban infrastructure such as thermal grids (district energy) and microgrids. Trent has led feasibility studies and supported development of several dozen low carbon district energy systems, including systems at Southeast False Creek in Vancouver (home of 2010 Olympics Athlete’s Village), Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. In 2013 Trent assisted Creative Energy acquire Central Heat in Vancouver (rebranded as Creative Energy Vancouver), one of the largest district energy systems in Canada. Following the acquisition, he was appointed to chair the new Board of Creative Energy.  Trent holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters of Resource Management from Simon Fraser University, where he has also been an Adjunct Professor and Instructor.