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​Michael Schack is binational french/german, his wife is Japanese, and his adult daughters are world citizens. Contrarily to the family tradition (both his parents are painters) Michael became an engineer, and even worse holds a PhD in solid state physics!

After 8 years at Air Liquide, a technical gases leader, in R&D and technical sales in France and Japan, and as sales manager in Germany, Michael joined Suez (now ENGIE). First in the water division in different management positions in France and Germany, then in charge of development in the service branch Cofely IdF and later for electricity sales at Electrabel France.

After the merger between GDF and Suez in 2008 Michael was B2B sales manager for the Paris region in the Energy Branch (~1B€ turn over) before becoming the CEO of Ecometering Smart Energy Solutions, a small internal “start up” dedicated to developing smart solutions in the energy  field.

 Since January 2016 Michael is Director Heating and Cooling Networks and Cogenerations, at Engie headquarter in the Business Line “Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Territories” and in charge of worldwide business development support for District Heating and Cooling (DHC).

And since april 2018 Michael is also interim Manager of this Business Line including in addition BD support for Green Mobility, Sustainable Cities and Airports, Silver Economy and Connectivity.

A few words about ENGIE’s stragegy. Engie aims to become a leader of the new energy world (Decarbonised, Decentralised and Digitalized i.e 3D) by focusing on three key activities for the future: low carbon generation, renewable energy, energy infrastructure and efficient solutions adapted to all its customers. Innovation, digital solutions and customer satisfaction are the guiding principles of ENGIE’s development.

District energy networks are the fastest and most efficient way to decarbonize dense areas like city centers or campuses and supply them with clean, renewable energy; as such, they can be seen as the backbones of sustainable cities and territories. Our ambition is to become a/the world leader.

Similarly efficient Public Lighting combined with video surveillance and connectivity can be considered as the neurons of smart Cities.

Combining all of these technologies, including of course green mobility, Engie is able to partner up with Cities and Territories to provide comprehensive solutions to make them carbon neutral, highly energy efficient with an excellent quality of life.