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I have been very fortunate to have worked in the public and private sectors as a consultant, owner/operator, constructor and with a regulated utility. This has given me a wide range of experience while holding roles and responsibilities as an engineer, project manager, manager of operations and maintenance, environmental permitting, corporate QA/QC Manger, training, start-up/commissioning and construction.

When you assemble the project’s management leadership team around the table, I have filled every one of those chairs which allows me to address a project from every approach thus delivering a project to you that is well balanced in all aspects of its functionality. Projects related to steam generation, power generation, fuel conversions, air quality backend controls for power/industry projects is where I’d appreciate an opportunity to help you. Even if you are in the conceptual stages it is never too early to involve us since technical decisions definitely have a bearing on constructability but also on operational activities and maintenance needs. Vetting those pieces early on can help reduce project costs, improve project quality and maintain/improve schedule.