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District Energy Space is IDEA's annual compilation of the number of buildings and their area in square feet that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service by IDEA member systems during the previous calendar year. In conjunction with the annual publication, IDEA acknowledges District Energy Systems contributing the highest growth in North America and Beyond North America with annual District Energy Space awards. 


District Energy Space 2017

North America

Our members reported that they committed or recommitted 190 customer buildings in North America totaling 50,028,785 square feet (sq ft) of building space to district energy service during 2017, or were previously unreported. That compares with 350 buildings and 57,810,954 sq ft during 2016.

The North America total of 50,028,785 sq ft added in 2017 to IDEA’s running total of square footage of 751,664,024 sq ft committed to North American district energy systems since 1990, brings the current total for North America reported since 1990 to 801,692,809 sq ft.

Beyond North America

IDEA is also pleased to be able to report strong system growth from beyond North America, which we have tracked since 2004. An additional 243 buildings and 59,058,273 sq ft were reported for 2017. That compares with 425 buildings and 105,331,989 sq ft during 2016.

The Beyond North America total of 59,058,273 sq ft added in 2017 to IDEA’s running total of square footage of 1,366,513,294 Beyond North America since 2004, brings the Beyond North America total reported since 2004 to 1,425,571,567 sq ft.

Totals: North America and Beyond North America

The combined building area reported added during 2017 in North America and Beyond North America is 108,318,059 sq ft. The total building area added, as reported to District Energy Space by our members since our tally began is 109,087,059 + 2,118,177,318 = 2,227,264,377 sq feet.


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The deadline for submittal of information for growth achieved during calendar year 2018 is Friday, April 26, 2019.

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