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Heat Storage and Use of Aquifers for Heating in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

Think GeoEnergy Summary With increasing blurring of lines between traditional hydrothermal geothermal energy with heat exchange systems of groundsource heat pumps, we are likely going to cover a few more related topics going forward. In the past we have reported on efforts on utilizing...

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Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality – Ever-Green Accepts Applications for Pro-Bono Planning Services to Help With Decarbonization

Ever-Green Email Summary To our Ever-Green Energy partners and greater community: We reach out to you during a pivotal and challenging time for our community. So many individuals and organizations are working tirelessly to help communities stabilize and begin the process of rebuilding. And...

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Prospect Park's Towerside Could Set an Example with Greener Heating

Minnesota Daily Summary Towerside Innovation District in Prospect Park is aiming to live up to its name as it begins to incorporate greener temperature control in its new developments. As Minneapolis officials look to implement more alternative energy sources, Towerside’s Malcolm Yards...

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Sustainable Infrastructure at Oberlin College

Summary Oberlin College is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. Since 2015, Oberlin and Ever-Green Energy have collaborated on an implementation plan to achieve this goal in a meaningful manner. This effort has included a comprehensive assessment of building performance, fourth...


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Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality - Implementing Change in Higher Education

Summary Higher education leaders have been ahead of the curve in commitments to carbon reductions, primarily through efficiency and renewables. To support this momentum, Ever-Green launched the Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality program to create actionable plans to make sustainability and carbon...


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Burlington Announces Scaled-Down District Energy Plan

Seven Days Summary The City of Burlington announced Thursday that it will move forward with its long-envisioned district energy system, albeit a highly scaled-back version. The city has signed a letter of agreement with the University of Vermont Medical Center, Vermont Gas and consultant...

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Proposal would heat, cool Minneapolis food hall, apartments with groundwater

Energy News Network Summary A Minneapolis developer wants to tap into aquifers to heat and cool a planned food hall and apartment complex on the city’s eastern edge. If successful, the project could offer a model as Minneapolis looks to reduce its reliance on natural gas — the dominant...

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Getting Steamed: Mega-Plume Blossoms in Cold Weather at St. Paul Energy Plant

Post Bulletin Summary Almost everyone in the metro area has seen St. Paul’s largest thermometer. The enormous plume from the St. Paul District Energy plant rises and falls with every change in temperature. On a cold day, it’s like a colossus towering over the dozens of lesser plumes...

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System Success Through Customer Care

Summary System growth and sustainability in Saint Paul has been built around commitment to the customer experience. This presentation detailed the customer care approach developed nearly 40 years ago to begin service in this community and how that approach has changed to compete in the market...


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Women in Energy: Talent, Opportunity, Leadership

Nina Axelson, Ever-Green Energy Summary Industry demographics and the upward role of women in energy is a bit of a detour from our usual blog focus on advancing energy systems. However, March is Women’s History Month, so we are taking this moment to discuss women in energy and how...