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Cybersecurity: A framework for system evaluation

This article was featured in the Q4 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine. Ever-Green Energy shares how it developed its cybersecurity program – and lessons learned. Cybersecurity is dominating the news in 2018. Data breaches reported by retailers and other companies that manage personal...

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Climate Smart: Cities Working Together

Summary Five pairs of cities in Germany and Minnesota are collaborating to develop efficient and sustainable responses to the challenges of climate change. Produced with the UMN Institute on the Environment. Featured Member: Ever-Green Energy "Ever-Green Energy is proud to be one of founders...

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Energy Agreement Fuses Three Downtown Projects

Baihly Warfield, WDIO-TV Eyewitness News Summary DULUTH, Minn. - An agreement between the City of Duluth, Duluth Energy Systems and Essentia Health ties together three major downtown projects: the steam plant conversion, Superior Street reconstruction and Essentia expansion. As the hospital...

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Resiliency for a Level 1 Trauma Center

Summary The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center needed to overhaul its infrastructure as it took on its own energy production and distribution in 2017. This work included distribution network redundancy for steam and chilled water by adding miles of interconnecting loop piping. The addition of...


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Bridging the Gap: Campus-Community Partnerships and Business Structures

Summary The business of district energy has a big impact on delivering technical solutions for systems. Financing mechanisms, debt limits, private market penetration, and forming new business structures can be big hurdles to overcome. Integrating a campus with the adjacent community could open...


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District Energy Engagement: What's the Big Deal About Pipes, Boilers, and Decarbonization?

Summary Colleges and universities are leading the way on the next generation of energy solutions. Efficiency, decarbonization, and cost management are important elements of these programs, however, how we involve the people in technical and financial solutions is crucial to success. Carleton...

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Panel Discussion: Control of Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage Tanks - Including Multiple Tanks

Summary Panel Discussion: Many campus District Cooling networks now use, or are considering to use of, Chilled Water (CHW) Thermal Energy Storage (TES). These tanks are atmospheric pressure (vented) vessels, which are coupled to pressurized CHW networks. Accordingly, care must be taken...


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Advancing the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Systems

Summary Milwaukee Regional Medical Center has undertaken a complete overhaul of the thermal energy services to their campus of 25 buildings associated with the MRMC campus. With a goal of long-term cost effectiveness and best-in-class system reliability for both steam and chilled water, MRMC...


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Long-Term Infrastructure Feasibility Plan in Minneapolis

Speakers Michael Ahern, Evergreen Energy #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #Workshop #Microgrids #MinneapolisandStPaul #Feasibility #EverGreenEnergy #Minnesota #CommunityEnergy