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FERC Decision and Recognition of Microgrids - Time for an industry voice?

Robert Thornton, IDEA As we all know, on Monday January 8, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a unanimous decision to terminate Docket No RM18-1-000, which addressed the Proposed Rule on Grid Reliability and Resilience Pricing (Proposed Rule), submitted to the Commission...

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Demand response firm ‘to open up flexibility market’

Jonny Bairstow, Energy Live News Image: Shutterstock Summary A British demand response firm has announced plans to become an energy supplier and take on the Big Six. Flexitricity plans to give its industrial, commercial and public-sector customers access to National Grid’s...

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Resilience of Energy Systems: Metrics and Evaluation - ERDC

Summary This presentation looks at the difference between a "smart" grid and a resilient one, and how to achieve both. Speaker Dr. Igor Linkov, ERDC #Presentation #Military #Workshop #2017 #Resiliency


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MIT Tool for Resiliency Analysis

Summary Defense installations currently have a grid resiliency approach: backup generation at the point of load. For large installations this can mean 100s of diesel generators, this solution has a cost and reliability that can be used for comparison. Larger systems that service critical...


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Can Waste-to-Energy Microgrids be the Missing Link for Puerto Rico?

Myles Mangram, Microgrid Knowledge Summary IQgrid’s Myles Mangram urges Puerto Rico to consider waste-to-energy microgrids as it rebuilds post-Hurricane Maria. The technology can simultaneously take care of two problems characteristic of storm-damaged areas: lack of power and an accumulation...

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£6m fund in place to help develop Cumbria’s low carbon economy

Tom Wilcox, Cumbria Crack Summary A new round of funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has been launched to help develop Cumbria’s low carbon economy and renewable energy resources. £6.36m is being made available to help support the county’s drive to shift towards a low...

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About that national conversation on resilience of the electric grid: The urgent need for guidance and action

Sue Tierney, Utility Dive Summary "Resilience” is perhaps the newest, most popular term in the electric industry’s lexicon these days. If it’s not about the utter lack of resilience after Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico’s electric grid, then it’s about Energy Secretary Rick...

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New York's REV Connect matches innovation with real-world utility needs

New York REV, Utility Dive Summary Today, the U.S. electric grid system is evolving faster than ever before. More distributed generation and storage options are becoming cost competitive, and physical infrastructure is increasingly coupled with a digital network of sensors and analytics...

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New $17.6B plan would rebuild Puerto Rico's grid with renewables, DERs

Robert Walton, Utility Dive Summary An impressive list of utilities and groups have developed a $17.6 billion plan to rebuild Puerto Rico's electric distribution system, including a focus on resilience to withstand future storms and the inclusion of modern grid technologies and control...