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Sustainable Infrastructure at Oberlin College

Summary Oberlin College is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. Since 2015, Oberlin and Ever-Green Energy have collaborated on an implementation plan to achieve this goal in a meaningful manner. This effort has included a comprehensive assessment of building performance, fourth...


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What's Keeping Energy Leaders Up at Night? Campus Energy Leaders and Business Partner Experts Discuss at CampusEnergy2019

The CampusEnergy2019 conference program opened Wednesday, February 27th, 2019, with a panel discussion moderated by IDEA CEO, Rob Thornton. Campus energy leaders and business partner experts provided insights on de-carbonizing, resiliency, awareness, modernizing, partnering, and the future. ...

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District Energy Engagement: What's the Big Deal About Pipes, Boilers, and Decarbonization?

Summary Colleges and universities are leading the way on the next generation of energy solutions. Efficiency, decarbonization, and cost management are important elements of these programs, however, how we involve the people in technical and financial solutions is crucial to success. Carleton...

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Campus + City: Symbiotic Sutsainability

Summary This segment will discuss sharing and exchange of best practices in energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency between college/university campuses and surrounding communities. Speakers Meghan Riesterer, Oberlin College Anna Chittum, Gridkraft Daniel Dixon, District Energy...

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Dashboards, Dorm Competitions and Innovation

Summary This presentation will use the Oberlin Environmental Dashboard as a case study to illustrate what happens when the development and management of hardware, software and resource data associated with Energy Management Dashboards focuses on building occupant education of resource...


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Planning for a Carbon Neutral Campus

Summary Oberlin College is in the process of moving its campus to carbon neutrality. Following a coal to natural gas transition in 2015, Oberlin is completing a study and implementation recommendations in October 2016 to assess the campus and community energy assets, current and future demand,...


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Commissioning and the Impact on District Energy at Oberlin College

Summary Oberlin College recently conducted their first re-commissioning project on campus, which included a yearlong investigation, implementation and remediation process. Selecting a firm to perform the re-commissioning effort that had extensive district energy experience was required....