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President's Message 1st Quarter 2017

New York grid, reducing its "tag" from 30

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Decarbonizing District Energy with Renewable Fuel Oil

Summary Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH has switched 100% of its heating fuel from fuel oil to biomass-derived Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) reducing the GHG footprint from heating operations by about 85%. Youngstown Thermal LLC) have been using RFO for about a year. RFO heating oil sales to...


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End to End Chilled Water Optimization at the Merck West Point Site (5D.2_Nyhan_Shirley_Smith.pdf)

Michael Nyhan, MerckTravis Smith, Smith EngineeringDan Shirley, Thermo Systems

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Manhole Covers & Vault Maintenance

Summary This workshop relates Texas A&M's experience upgrading manhole covers and performing vault maintenance. Speakers David Payne, Texas A&M University Rick Glass, McGard #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #TexasAM #Texas #UnitedStates ...

Payne-Manhole Covers & Vault Maintenance.pdf