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Low Temperature Aquifer Geothermal Heating 4Th Generation District Heating

Summary Workshop 1 Session Speakers Colin Richardson, UBC Okanagan #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #Sustainability #UniversityofBritishColumbia #Geothermal


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A Symposium on the UBC Transition: The Evolution of Low Carbon District Energy and Innovative Solutions at University of British Columbia

Summary Session Track 5A Speakers Jeff Griffin, University of British Columbia Paul Holt, University of British Columbia Jim Torcov, University of British Columbia Joshua Wauthy, University of British Columbia David Woodson, University of British Columbia #ConferenceProceeding #2018 ...


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Understanding the Impacts on US and Canadian Case Studies

Summary LEED Version 4 is now the current version of LEED for all new projects. LEED V4 brings many changes for interested district energy systems such as the forced phase-out of CFC’s, the ability to meet prerequisites with district energy alone, and more stringent energy requirements. This...

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Metro Vancouver’s vibrant district energy market

This article appears in the Q2 2018 of District Energy magazine. Across the greater Vancouver, B.C., area, neighborhood energy systems are growing in size and number and increasing their use of renewable energy technologies. The mountain-backed seaport of Vancouver, B.C., on Canada’s...

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Expanding Bioenergy, UBC's DES Goes Green

Summary Building on years of operational success with biomass, UBC is now preparing to expand its renewable energy portfolio. Located within an existing bioenergy facility this new 12MW biomass addition will triple the facilities thermal generation capacity, increase campus resiliency, reduce...


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UBC Vancouver's Climate Action Plan

Summary In 2010 UBC's Board of Governors' adopted the UBC Vancouver Climate Action plan targets for reducing campus GHG emissions. UBC commited to 33% reduction by 2015, a 67% reduction by 2020 and a 100% reduction by 2015 against a 2007 baseline. This presentation will review the policy...


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UBC Steam to Hot Water Conversion Project

Summary UBC is currently completeing its 5 year, 10 phase, $88m steam to hot water conversion project. This project will see the transition and decommissioning of UBC's 1925 vintage legacy steam system and its replacement by a new Hot Water District Energy System (DES). The project also...


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Use of Innovative Solutions for Energy Savings at UBC

Summary There is an increasing trend in the HVAC industry to match the supply of heating, cooling, outdoor air, and lighting to meet building users’ needs. This is usually accomplished through the use of simple occupancy sensors. UBC Energy and Water Services (EWS), however, has adopted a novel...


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From Demonstration to Baseload - UBC's experience with Biomass Cogeneration

Summary How does a risk adverse utility come to adopt leading edge clean energy technology? How do you combine research and operational objectives? What metrics define success and how has UBC optimized this renewable energy demonstration to provide firm, reliable heat and power. This...

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