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Utility Master Planning at the University of Pennsylvania

set of challenges for the University of...Speakers Ben Suplick, University of...Pennsylvania. This presentation will discuss...Pennsylvania Jason Trefz, Trefz Engineering Michael


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Too Big to Hide (3A.2_Weinzapfel.pdf)

Too Big to Hide: District Energy & CHP Infrastructure in Sensitive Campus Locations

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Partners in Resilience: Constructing the Future of Sustainable Infrastructure

Knowledge @ Wharton in collaboration with IGEL Summary It will cost $3.6 trillion to repair and upgrade the nation’s infrastructure, but potential financial constraints are not the only obstacle to getting the job done. In the face of increasingly extreme weather, communities can no longer...

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Underneath the ivy

This article appears in the Q1 2018 edition of District Energy magazine . Early adopters of district energy, Ivy League schools continue expanding and improving their underground distribution networks. Ivy League colleges and universities are some of the oldest and most renowned in the...

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Too big to Hide- District Energy & CHP infrastructure in sensitive campus locations

Perceived as blocky, dirty, noisy “machines” on the peripheries of cities and campuses, infrastructure facilities are TOO BIG to hide. Infrastructure is LARGE in scale but LARGER in impact, and provides us with the basics of electricity, water, heating, and cooling. Conversation about its...


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Preventing Freeze Damage in HVAC Coils

Summary Bob Cooney will explain how he conceived the idea of Freeze Block Technology and the science behind the system that can be implemented into almost any size HVAC coil that will protect the coils from the extreme pressures that cause freeze damage. Bob will address case histories of...


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President's Message 1st Quarter 2017

New York grid, reducing its "tag" from 30