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Integration of 8,000 Additional Tons with an Existing Chilled Water System at the University of Rochester

Summary The University of Rochester has met its growing chilled water load with the addition of 8,000 tons of cooling capacity in an expansion to their Middle Campus Chiller Plant (MCCP). The University embarked on this project with optimal energy efficiency in mind. This presentation will...


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Equipment Upgrades in a Space-Constrained Plant: University of Rochester Boiler Installation

Summary The University of Rochester is replacing an existing boiler with a new unit in their space-constrained plant. Several challenges were overcome to fit this new unit. This presentation will explore identification of these space challenges and methods for addressing these challenges....


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Electrical System Master Plan for the University of Rochester

Speakers Kevin Fuller, CHA Rich Gardner, University of Rochester #NewYork #CampusEnergy #NorthAmerica #2017 #CHAConsultingInc #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #MasterPlanningandSystemDesign #UniversityofRochester