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CBRM to use sewage 'sludge' to generate heat, power at Sydney plant

CBC News Summary The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has received a $750,000 grant to turn 1,800 tonnes of "sludge" from its sewage and waste-water treatment plant into energy. The waste-water treatment plant on Battery Point in north-end Sydney has been in operation since 2005. Since...

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Akron City Council approves $25 million renovation for city's steam plant

Jennifer Conn, Akron Children's and Cleveland Clinic Akron General hospitals have committed to long-term contracts with Akron's steam plant, known as the District Energy System, run by Akron Energy Systems. ( Akron Energy Systems ) Summary Over the past nine years, Akron...

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Southeast London in line to gain new heat network

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary The borough of Lewisham in southeast London is examining the potential for a new district heat network . The borough has taken the first steps in developing the project with energy potentially being generated from the area’s waste...

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IN DEPTH: Closing the Loop on Organic waste in British Columbia

Ben Messenger, Waste Management World Dutch firm WTT was the turn key technology provider for the facility and was responsible for the delivery and installation of all biological process equipment and the entire odour abatement system. Image © Summary A new fully integrated closed loop...

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Waste Heat: Innovators Turn to an Overlooked Renewable Resource

Nicola Jones, YaleEnvironment360 Summary Nearly three-quarters of all the energy produced by humanity is squandered as waste heat. Now, large businesses, high-tech operations such as data centers, and governments are exploring innovative technologies to capture and reuse this vast renewable...

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Toronto Zoo One Step Closer to Opening Biogas Plant

Renewable Energy Magazine Summary On May 9th, just a little over two years after the project's initial groundbreaking, ZooShare and Canada's Toronto Zoo celebrated delivery of the engine for a biogas plant that will generate electricity from zoo poo and food waste. Courtesy of ZooShare...

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Bananas Used for District Heating in Horsens, Denmark

State of Green Summary After a ship collision in Danish waters, stranded waste including bananas, cardboard and plastic is converted into district heating. On March 27 th , a collision took place between the dry bulk carrier, BBC Neptune, and the container ship, Delphis Gdansk in the...

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Dalkia Acquires Waste to Energy Specialist

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Energy service provider Dalkia has completed the acquisition of a 25% stake owned by Engie in waste-to-energy company TIRU. Renewables Now reports that Dalkia already had 75% in TIRU and now fully owns the company. The acquisition is...

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Milestone Biofuel Facility to Power Natural Gas Waste-Collection Trucks

Betsy Lillian, NGTNews Summary A new biofuel facility has opened in the Port Kells industrial area of Surrey, British Columbia. According to the City of Surrey, the C$68 million facility is the first fully integrated closed-loop organic waste management system in North America. The...

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Feasibility Study for a Waste to Energy Steam Plant at University of Idaho

Summary The objective of this study is to investigate the feasibility of utilizing waste-to-energy technology at the district energy plant for the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, Idaho. An assessment of production, composition, and energy content of the solid waste is conducted. It is...