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About that national conversation on resilience of the electric grid: The urgent need for guidance and action

Sue Tierney, Utility Dive Summary "Resilience” is perhaps the newest, most popular term in the electric industry’s lexicon these days. If it’s not about the utter lack of resilience after Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico’s electric grid, then it’s about Energy Secretary Rick...

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New York's REV Connect matches innovation with real-world utility needs

New York REV, Utility Dive Summary Today, the U.S. electric grid system is evolving faster than ever before. More distributed generation and storage options are becoming cost competitive, and physical infrastructure is increasingly coupled with a digital network of sensors and analytics...

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New $17.6B plan would rebuild Puerto Rico's grid with renewables, DERs

Robert Walton, Utility Dive Summary An impressive list of utilities and groups have developed a $17.6 billion plan to rebuild Puerto Rico's electric distribution system, including a focus on resilience to withstand future storms and the inclusion of modern grid technologies and control...

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New Microgrid Controller Standard Approved by IEEE

Emily Riskalla, IDEA Summary On Wednesday, December 6, the Standard for the Specification of Microgrid Controllers (P2030.7) was approved as a new standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board. Microgrids are gaining attention due to their advantages for integrating various types of distributed...

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Business Case for Energy Scenario Selection - Funding and Financing Strategies

Summary This presentation provides an overview of the funding and financing options available when undertaking a microgrid project. Strategies can vary based on the characteristics of the project and different challenges must be faced depending on state and local regulations Speaker Baird...


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Emergency Preparation & Response Lessons from Super Storm Sandy

Summary Princeton proves that District Energy systems with CHP, microgrid, and thermal energy storage technologies are key resiliency assets.This presentation shares the lessons learned in emergency preparation and operation during Super Storm Sandy and uses Princeton's success as an example to...


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VIDEO: The Potential of Microgrids and CHP to Cut Operating Costs, Boost Resiliency

Sarah Rubenoff, Microgrid Knowledge Summary In this video interview from Microgrid 2017 in Boston, Tim Peer, vice president, district energy, at BOND Brothers, explains how microgrids, distributed energy and combined heat and power (CHP) can lead to lower operating costs and increased...

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Microgrid Deployment Rises: The Biggest Disruptor to the Power Industry is Here

Chris Evanich, S&C Electric, Microgrid Knowledge Summary In this week’s Industry Perspectives , Chris Evanich, manager of microgrids at S&C Electric, describes how a rise in microgrid deployment is disrupting today’s power industry. Last month, Microgrid Knowledge and the...

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Smarter Energy Management Delivers Reliability, Efficiency and Cost Savings

Sarah Rubenoff, Microgrid Knowledge Summary A new white paper from Eaton explores how microgrid evolution is fueling smarter energy management. Recently, with increased capacity of distributed energy resources – think solar, wind, combined heat and power (CHP), energy storage, and more —...

Co-Optimizing Energy and Process in the Microgrid

Whether operating a building, campus, industrial or manufacturing process the resiliency and value of CHP in District Energy Systems may be greatly enhanced by adding intelligent microgrid energy control systems. A microgrid enables islanding from the utility and preservation of plant...

 12-12-2017 | 11:00 - 12:00 ET