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Iceland Drilling, GeoDrill project – advancing geothermal tech

Think GeoEnergy Summary Funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the European GeoDrill project aims to develop “holistic” drilling technologies that have the potential to drastically reduce the cost of drilling to large depths (5km or more) and...

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Romania’s Oradea city starts tender for geothermal district heating

Balkan Green Energy News Summary District heating company Termoficare Oradea is looking for contractors for the utilization of geothermal energy in Oradea in northwest Romania. The project is valued at EUR 18.8 million. Heat pumps will be installed for the production of heating and hot...

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Hughes Lake area power generation project part of City Halls’ newly-approved Energy Strategy

Everything GP Summary Grande Prairie’s Mayor says the city’s newly approved energy strategy creates a foundation for efficient energy generation and consumption while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Jackie Clayton says it includes several ideas. “Including an energy project. The...

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Railside development delves deep into geothermal energy

Toronto Star Summary The landscape of The Forks is set to change dramatically in the coming years, as parking lots between the CityTV building and Shaw Park are converted from pavement slabs into an expansive, mixed-use neighbourhood. On Wednesday, work began on the most essential of...

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Green generation: Inside GM Canada’s $28 million cogen project using renewable landfill gas

Canadian Biomass Summary As more emphasis is placed on fostering a green economy, large businesses are investing in new ways to power their operations with renewable sources. GM Canada is one such business. In August 2020, the company announced it had completed a $28 million...

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Vital Energi Reduces Nottingham City Hospital’s Energy Costs by £1.8 Million a Year

Renewable Energy Magazine Summary Vital Energi has secured a £25 million contract with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust to reduce the Trust’s carbon footprint by 14,000 tonnes a year, and guarantee energy savings of approximately £1.8 million a year for the Nottingham City Hospital....

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Cogeneration solutions attract UK’s manufacturing sector

Power Engineering Summary The benefits and potential of cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) technology are being increasingly recognized by UK manufacturers post-pandemic, according to a new survey by equipment supplier Aggreko. According to Aggreko’s latest survey, over 90% of...

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Kentucky has guide to achieve energy resilience in emergencies

Kentucky Today Summary Kentucky has suffered through several natural disasters in recent months so the state has announced a new tool to prepare for potential energy disruptions that can significantly impact critical services, such as hospitals, fire stations, water treatment plants, and...

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‘Sewer Heat’ Could Be Hidden Ally Against Climate Change. Here’s How Denver Is Pulling It To The Surface

CPR News Summary A secret cache of renewable energy is lurking in the sewers. The key question is how to coax it to the surface and put it to work in the battle against climate change. There’s no mystery over how excess energy ends up below cities. Showers, hot waters and sinks all add hot...

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UBC breaks ground on Renewable Energy Hub

Journal of Commerce Summary The University of British Columbia (UBC) will soon be a testing site for hydrogen power. The school has broken ground on the Renewable Energy Hub, a city-sized block of campus that will be used to test low-carbon hydrogen power. “Our government’s support for...