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Understanding Microgrid & Energy Storage Feasibility Studies

Summary Microgrid technology readily available today to help manage demand and integration of distributed energy resources while improving energy surety. However, the requirements of each application are unique and must be considered carefully. This presentation will focus on a microgrid...


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Microturbine CHP in Microgrids

Summary Small-scale CHP systems are increasingly being incorporated into microgrid designs due to their operattonal flexibility, ability to baseload, high efficiency, and reliability. Microturbine-based CHP systems have beein installed in several high profile microgrids in recent years, such...


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IDEA: How Will Future Generations Judge Us?

Robert Bagatsing, Gineers Now Summary This November, we are featuring International District Energy Association (IDEA) and its President and CEO, Robert P. Thornton. IDEA, on its 109th year of continuous operation, has dedicated itself to promote energy efficiency, reliability and...

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Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan 2017, Delivering Fairness and Choice

Summary Ontario's 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, Delivering Fairness and Choice, provides a road map of the province's energy system over the next 20 years. The government engaged with people across the province through in-person meetings, online feedback and formal submissions. District Energy...


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API’S Study to Examine the Reliability Characteristics or “Diversity of Attributes” of Natural Gas for Power Generation

Summary A detailed study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute and conducted by the Brattle Group finds that as the U.S. electric industry continues to be transformed from a heavy reliance on coal and nuclear to more variable energy sources, grid operators should be focused on a...

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$5.3M project to renovate power system for flagship campus among items approved by Texas A&M System Board of Regents

Steve Kuhlmann, The Eagle Summary Among the items approved Thursday at the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents' meeting was a project to renovate the heat and power system on the flagship campus and the hiring of a new president for Prairie View A&M University The...

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Highly Resilient District Energy, CHP and Microgrids

Summary This workshop discusses sharing and exchange of best practices in energy efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency between colleges]/university campuses and surrounding communities. Speakers Michael Mark, Waldron Engineering & Construction Dale Raczynski, Epsilon Associates ...

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Mutual Assistance for District Energy (MADE)

Summary This workshop outlines IDEA's voluntary program to provide emergency response support following major outages or service interruptions due to extreme weather or other events. Speakers Pat Davin, Veolia North America Bob Manning, Harvard University #2015 #AnnualConference ...


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Cogeneration and Arbitrage with Amherst College and Competitive Energy Services

Summary Amherst College and Competitive Energy Services will present two case studies involving cogeneration, and make/buy strategy and arbitrage. For the past three winters, CES has assisted the College by using its dual fuel and cogeneration to remain flexible and reduce costs while...

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