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The National Policy Landscape and Regulatory Update

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speaker Baird Brown, eco(n)law #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #2019 #Microgrids #Workshop #PolicyandRegulation #MRC #eco(n)law

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Initiatives in Hawaii & California and Opportunities for Third Party Microgrids

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speaker Allie Detrio, Engie #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #2019 #Workshop #Microgrids #ENGIE #PolicyandRegulation #California #Hawaii

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A Capital Case for Microgrids

Summary Utility regulators in Washington, D.C. launched the Modernizing the Energy Delivery System for Increased Sustainability (“MEDSIS”) working group process to formulate recommendations for modernizing the city's electricity grid in furtherance of achieving climate and renewable energy...

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A 1st principles approach to rapidly building a profitable Microgrid

Summary The microgrid market is developing rapidly as stakeholders have verifiable examples of successful installations in the utility, municipal, and healthcare spaces. Smart microgrid design achieves goals such as energy supply reliability and resiliency, source flexibility, cost-effective...

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Microgrid Business Models

Summary GE Energy Consulting performed 11 microgrid feasibility studies in NY Prize Stage 1 and developed detailed engineering designs and business models for 5 in Stage 2. The experience shows that each microgrid is unique, in terms of technical requirements, and appropriate governing...

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Navigating Roadblocks to Success: Financing, Landlords, and Public Entities

Summary As businesses find new energy solutions and collaborate with local energy partners, navigating these new, innovative structures with traditional entities like lenders, landlords, and public organizations can become a roadblock to success. This presentation focused on potential legal...

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Canada’s First Utility Microgrid Creates Resiliency Hub

Summary A power outage can be devastating to a community. North Bay, Ontario has experienced outages in the past, but none as significant as the one caused by an ice storm which left the city crippled without power for a week. North Bay Hydro developed a microgrid to power a community...

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Managing a Complex Energy Landscape with New Technologies

Summary Distributed energy resources (DER) have created a new energy landscape predicated on complex 2-way power flow systems, resulting in technologies to manage multiple energy sources. This session will discuss optimization of DER sources and loads – solar, wind, natural gas generation, EV...

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Microgrid Control Integration to Maximize Performance and Value

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speakers Bruce Campbell, Eaton #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2019 #Workshop #Microgrids #Eaton #MeteringandControls

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Microgrid Controls: Demystifying the Glue that Pulls It All Together

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speakers Serge Zinger, Thermo Systems #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Microgrids #Microgrids #Workshop #MeteringandControls

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