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CampusEnergy2012 Student Video Contest Winner: Princeton University

Summary Launched in 2012, the Campus Energy Student Video Contest challenges students from IDEA member institutions to create a short video about their campus energy plant, focused on district energy and/or combined heat and power (CHP). The 2012 winner from Princeton University shares how...

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2012 John Gray Scholar: Ryerson Lehman--Borer

Summary The International District Energy Association (IDEA) recently announced the 2012 John Gray Scholarship Award recipient, Ryerson Lehman-Borer of Pennington, New Jersey. The award was bestowed during IDEA’s 103rd Annual Conference & Trade Show held in late June in Chicago. The...

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Chair's Update 3rd Quarter 2012

Joseph Brillhart For those of you who attended IDEA's 103rd Annual Conference in Chicago, I don't have to tell you how great the event was. You lucky folks also witnessed the wonderful weather of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I would like to thank our host, Thermal...

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Chair's Update 1st Quarter 2012

Vincent Badali First of all, I'd like to remind you to make arrangements to attend IDEA's 25th Annual Campus Energy Conference - "Innovations in Clean Energy." We are meeting in Arlington, Va., Feb. 6-9, and it's not too late to sign up. Just click on the Campus Conference banner at www...

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Chair's Update 4th Quarter 2012

Joseph Brillhart As I write this column, it seems to me like we were all just in Chicago together. Summer seemed to zoom by, and autumn, a favorite time of the year for me, never seems to last long enough. However, the good news is that it won't be long before we will all be together in...

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District Energy Space Awards 2012

Each year, IDEA asks all of its member systems to provide the number of buildings and their area in square feet that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service during the previous calendar year. We report the number of buildings, gross square foot area and thermal energy...

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Defining and Implementing Chiller Plant Optimization (3 of 3)

Date: December 6, 2012 This webinar is the third and final webinar in the Johnson Controls and IDEA hosted series: Optimizing Your Chiller Plant Room. This webinar concludes the series by identifying and busting the main myths of central chiller plant optimization. Presenters: ...


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Designing a Chiller Plant Room to be the Most Efficient (2 of 3)

Date: Oct. 11, 2012 Speakers Roy Hubbard and Bill Stewart, Johnson Controls Moderator: Laxmi Rao, IDEA Link to Webinar Recording Designing a Chiller Plant Room to be the Most Efficient #Chillers #DistrictCooling #2012 #Webinar

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President's Message 3rd Quarter 2012

From District Energy Magazine, Third Quarter, 2012 Rob Thornton One takeaway I had from the key­note speech by Amory Lovins at the IDEA 103rd Annual Conference and Trade Show in Chicago was the quote from President Eisenhower: "If a problem can't be solved, enlarge it." In my view,...

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President's Message 1st Quarter 2012

From District Energy Magazine, First Quarter, 2012 Rob Thornton With all this talk of a smart grid, why are we still so dumb when it comes to wasting surplus heat from power generation? The average efficiency of U.S. coal-fired electricity generating stations today is still just...