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Denver International Airport's Chiller Replacement - Navigating Unpredictable Construction

Summary DEN’s CUP maintains continuous chilled water operations to the complex and critical users. Despite extensive planning, several issues have arisen during construction that have challenged the team to maintain progress and budget. Learn how DEN and team has faced challenges with...


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Wild Flow, Concourse Expansion, and Other Adventures at Denver International Airport

Summary On the verge of an unprecedented expansion, Denver International Airport is seeking to renew their thermal utilities and deal with the “wild” flow within their hydronic system that is causing additional maintenance, excess energy use, and limiting flexibility at the central plant....


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Total Facility Optimization at Denver International Airport

Summary This presentation will discuss the various energy efficient strategies deployed at Denver International Airport in efforts to provide Total Facility Optimization. Discussions will revolve around the concept of a utility master plan setting the stage for various energy efficiency...

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Growth and CUP Renewal at Denver International Airport

Summary Denver International Airport is experiencing significant and long-term growth that will translate in a 90% increase in overall facility needs by 2035. In the face of this growth and with the original central plant assets nearing the end of their useful life, the airport embarked on a...