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Canada funds 8 bioenergy projects

Biomass Summary The Canadian government in mid-April announced an C$8.4 million investment in nine community-led Indigenous clean energy projects across British Columbia. Eight of those projects focus on the use of biomass and bioenergy. All nine projects were funded through Natural...

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Geothermal heat for Malmö/ Sweden from a depth of 7,000m

Think GeoEnergy Summary On the way to a metropolis without emissions – so the goal of the city of Malmö in Sweden that should be achieved by 2030 at the latest by tapping the underground. Deep geothermal energy is to be fed into the district heating network. The system that the German energy...

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Why unconventional resources are key to expanding geothermal energy use

Horizon Summary The smouldering heat generated during the formation of our planet and the continuous decay of radioactive material lies trapped within the Earth’s crust, just waiting to be tapped to satisfy humanity’s insatiable demand for heat and electricity. It...

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Greek energy industry unites in EUR 2.5 billion green hydrogen project

Balkan Green Energy News Summary Gas, oil and construction companies joined forces with research institutions in Greece and foreign partners in the development of the White Dragon. The green hydrogen project is estimated at EUR 2.5 billion though it could grow to as much as EUR 4 billion. ...

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IAEA discusses opportunities and challenges of microreactors

Nuclear Engineering International Summary The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on 26-29 April hosted a Technical Meeting on the Status, Design Features, Technology Challenges and Deployment Models of Microreactors. The meeting united experts from 13 countries, the European...

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A Recovery for All of Us: Mayor de Blasio Announces Path to Provide Geothermal Utility Service

NYC Summary To accelerate the transition from fossil fuel energy sources to a city that runs on clean energy technologies, Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced several critical steps the City will take to advance the implementation and integration of district geothermal systems. Geothermal...

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Cities Confront Climate Challenge: How to Move from Gas to Electricity?

Yale Environment 360 Summary In 1836, Philadelphians mostly used whale oil and candles to light their homes and businesses. That year, the newly formed Philadelphia Gas Works caused a stir when it lit 46 downtown street lamps with gas made from coal in its plant on the Schuylkill River. By...

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It is time to unleash the potential of geothermal energy

The Salt Lake Tribune Summary A groundbreaking renewable energy project is taking place near the small town of Milford, Utah, that could change the energy landscape of America forever. With funding from the Department of Energy, researchers at Utah’s Frontier Observatory for Research...

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New joint venture targets utilization of shallower geothermal resources

Think GeoEnergy Summary In a release New-Zealand based international geothermal advisors, JRG Energy Consultants and Geo Industry Heat , a Spanish-based direct-use company, have announced a collaboration on strategic initiatives for the geothermal industry. Both companies have...

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Geothermal district heating explored by Speyer, Germany

Think GeoEnergy Summary The local municipal utility Stadtwerke Speyer (SWS) has announced plans to become climate neutral for electricity by 2030 and heating by 2040. Geothermal energy should also make a contribution. So while the utility already is making huge steps forward in the...