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Flow Measurement Technologies

Summary Review of various Flow Measurement Technologies - Magnetic Flow Meter Technology - Vortex Shedding Flow Technology - DP Flow Meter Technology Track: Posters Presenter Scott Peterson, Emerson #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #2020 #Board Minutes ...


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Improving Performance and Reliability While Reducing Costs Through Better Flow Measurement

Summary The top three reasons users want better control through flow measurement are: the value of metering steam versus condensate “front-end metering” versus “back-end” metering,” customers are not looking for cheap instruments, they are looking for solutions that are reliable and that...


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Innovative Seawater Heat Pump District Heating-Juneau, Alaska

Summary Juneau Hydropower & Juneau District Heating with Emerson Climate Technologies will present on a district heating solution using a sea water heat pump system fueled by clean hydropower. This innovative technology suite being deployed will significantly lower the heating costs in...


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Emerson Joins Pink Petro to Champion Women Professionals in Energy Industry

Press Release, Business Wire ST. LOUIS--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Emerson (NYSE: EMR), the global engineering and technology company and a member of IDEA, has partnered with Pink Petro to support women professionals in energy industry jobs. Based in Houston, Pink Petro is a global community...