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CHP Fuel Cells for Healthcare: Case Studies

throughout the country can benefit from fuel...cells, configured for combined heat and


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Connecticut seeks proposals for AD, wind, fuel cell projects

offshore wind and fuel cells. Eligible...Eligible fuel cell projects without combined...while eligible fuel cell projects with CHP

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Fuel cell CHP planned for Finnish district energy smart microgrid

credentials with two fuel cell Fuel cell manufacturer Elcogen and...fuel cell system developer Convion have

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NETL Helping To Bring Fuel Cell System To Pittsburgh

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generation Unit...installation and testing of a prototype fuel cell...clean, innovative, and affordable fuel cell

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Use of Stationary Fuel Cells as the Backbone of the Modern Microgrid

independence goals. Fuel cells provide a quiet...studies of how a fuel cell based microgrid


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US Navy Submarine Base Signs PPA for Two Fuel Cell Plants

Jennifer Hermes, Energy Manager Today May 8, 2017 Summary The US Navy’s submarine base in Groton, CT, will soon have long-term power supplied by two power plants from FuelCell Energy. The energy company is working with the submarine base via a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the...