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Gainesville Regional Utilities: The importance of Revisiting a Utility Master Plan

Summary The value of a masterplan is most valuable on the day it is published and needs to be continuously re-visited to maintain that value. This presentation will demonstrate why revisiting the Masterplan as campus plans change can result in changes to the original concept and a more...


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Microgrid Islanding with CHP The Evolution of a Project

Summary The GRU Energy Center provides thermal and electrical utilities to the Shands Cancer Center at the University of Florida Campus. The energy center together with the assoicated medical facilities are designed to proactively island via operator intervention forming a self-sustaining...


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5MW CHP Microgrid at Gainesville Regional Utilities

Summary Over the past decade, several market influences have led to an increased interest and installation of distributed generation, cogeneration, combined heat and power and microgrids. Today’s natural gas prices and the increasing cost to utilities for environmental compliance create an...

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Gainesville Regional Utilities: Reciprocating Engine CHP

Summary This presentation will provide details on the installation of a reciprocating engine within the existing South Energy Center in Gainesville, Florida. The focus will be on key drivers for the technology selection and how the plant has evolved to a mixed installation of combustion...