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Google's Sidewalk Labs signs deal for 'smart city' makeover of Toronto's waterfront

Alex Bozikovic, The Globe and Mail Summary A unit of Google's parent company, devoted to urban innovation, has signed a deal to map out a new kind of neighbourhood on Toronto's waterfront that could demonstrate how data-driven technology can improve the quality of city life. On Tuesday,...

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The 4 Main Pillars of Enhancing Utility Grid Resilience

Philip Mihlmester, Anne Choate; Greentech Media Summary Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have increased the urgency of acting to make our electricity grids more resilient. While America’s utilities have significantly improved grid reliability overall, extreme weather events, including...

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A bipartisan view on modernizing the US electric grid

Robert E. Latta, Jerry McNerney; Utility Dive Summary The following viewpoint is from Robert E. Latta (R), Representative for Ohio's 5th congressional district, and Jerry McNerney (D), Representative for California's 9th congressional district. They co-chair the Grid Innovation Caucus. ...

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Consumers into generators

Steve Hodgson, Decentralized Energy Summary Is decentralized generation a part of the wider energy industry – or does it belong to its host energy users? Both, perhaps. Cogeneration plants have long suffered from belonging fully to neither the energy supply industry or the consumer...

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Congressional Update: The Advancing Grid Storage Act of 2017

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Senator Al Franken (D-MN), with Senator Heinrich (D-NM) as cosponsor, introduced a bill to improve electrical grid reliability and resiliency. The Advancing Grid Storage Act of 2017 was introduced on September 25 . The bill is divided in...

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A trio of storms could mean grid modernization in hard-hit areas

Robert Walton, Utility Dive Summary Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas all have an opportunity to reassess their power system. When Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to millions of Northeast residents in 2012, it forced a reckoning for the electric power industry. Utilities began investing...

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Puerto Rico needs microgrids and private buy-in for reliable energy

Scott Sklar, The Hill Summary Since one of the most devastating hurricanes hit Puerto Rico, power has been out on the island and may not be back online for months. Additionally, cell phone service is virtually not existent. For this island of 3.7 million U.S. citizens, while they cope to get...

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Why It's time to fully embrace America's energy grid diversification

Philip Mihlmester, Utility Dive Summary The United States is at an energy crossroads. There’s a significant movement underway, led by innovative private sector entities and a few forward-thinking regulators, that’s capturing the attention of Americans looking increasingly toward energy...

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Medium Voltage System Upgrade at a VA Medical Center

Summary Discussion of a medium voltage distribution system upgrade for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus using automation integrated with protective relaying to provide a reliable, robust system. This approach is scalable and includes loop fault detection, fault isolation, loop...

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Automation and Protection of a Naval Facility Microgrid with CHP and Standby Generation

Summary Design discussion of 13.2kV distribution microgrid for a Naval Support Facility to support new local generation including gas turbine CHP and diesel standby generators. Detailed review of protection and control system which allows seamless transition between utility power and on site...

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