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University of Maryland - Securing Our Networked Utility Infrastructure

infrastructure. The University would be happy to...Utility Infrastructure. Session Track 4B


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Critical Energy Infrastructure

IDEA IDEA Infrastructure Inventory IDEA...has been monitoring federal infrastructure...infrastructure investment opportunities with a...Invest in Critical Energy Infrastructure

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Brownfields: Infrastructure Opportunities (3A.3_Ahern.pdf)

Michael Ahern, Ever-Green Energy

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Misconfigurations in Critical Infrastructure

digital enterprise. Critical infrastructure...infrastructure such as traffic and power grids have...infrastructure than all of the other attacks and...#Infrastructure

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Modern Connected Systems and Digital Infrastructure

Summary Large utilities projects require a contracting strategy that allows owners to manage risk and mitigate excessive premiums. Selecting a contracting methodology is a function of risk allocation and pricing. It is important for an owner to select a contracting methodology that matches the...


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Emergency Response Planning for Aging Infrastructure

Summary In the wake of two thermal branch line failures associated with an aging thermal distribution system, the University of Denver sought to develop a series of building-specific “Contingency Plans” meant to assist their operations staff reacting to unplanned electrical or thermal outages....


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Long-Term Infrastructure Feasibility Plan in Minneapolis

Speakers Michael Ahern, Evergreen Energy #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #Workshop #Microgrids #MinneapolisandStPaul #Feasibility #EverGreenEnergy #Minnesota #CommunityEnergy