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Green generation: Inside GM Canada’s $28 million cogen project using renewable landfill gas

Canadian Biomass Summary As more emphasis is placed on fostering a green economy, large businesses are investing in new ways to power their operations with renewable sources. GM Canada is one such business. In August 2020, the company announced it had completed a $28 million...

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Landfill Waste to Heat Prestigious Dunfermline Development

Dunfermline Press Summary POTATO peelings are set to help heat new homes in Dunfermline's Linen Quarter. Landfill waste will heat the development as it becomes the biggest private project to secure connection to an innovative low-carbon network. The Linen Quarter, which is bringing new...

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New facility at City of Vancouver's landfill in Delta to create renewable natural gas

Kenneth Chan, Daily Hive Summary Greenhouse gases stored within the heaping pile of garbage in the Vancouver Landfill at the southeast corner of Burns Bog in Delta will be captured and turned into an energy source. In a release, the City of Vancouver announced today it has received...

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Landfill gas plan makes economic, environmental sense

Nazim Cicek, Winnipeg Free Press Summary The 2018 Winnipeg municipal election is fast approaching. Candidates for mayor and city council are fanning out across the city to discuss their policies on a variety of locally important issues. Let me pose a question to all running for office: if...