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Low temperature district heating: New plants for eight European cities

EURAC Research, EurekAlert! Summary In Copenhagen, part of the traditional district heating network will be isolated to create an innovative low temperature network using the waste heat provided by two supermarket refrigeration systems. In the centre of Milan, a new district heating network...

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Towards smart thermal grids: Techno-economic feasibility of commercial heat-to-power technologies for district heating

Summary Recent improvements in low-temperature heat-to-power (LTHtP) technologies have led to an increase in efficiency at lower temperatures and lower cost. LTHtP has so far not been used in district heating. The aim of the study is to establish under what conditions the use of existing...

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Our cities are hidden power stations

SINTEF, At this Rema supermarket in Trondheim, surplus heat generated by the refrigeration system is being stored temporarily in water tanks. The heat is then returned to the store via the ventilation and underfloor heating systems – when it is needed. This picture was taken on...

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Steam-to-Hot Water Conversion

Summary This presentation looks at how district energy systems in Europe and the United States have converted from steam to hot water heating in order to lower costs, increase resiliency and utilize different technologies. Speaker Anders Dyrelund, Ramboll #Presentation #Symposium ...

Dyrelund_Anders-Steam to Hot Water Conversion.pdf

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Low Temperature Heating Distribution Systems

Speakers David Wade, RDA Engineering #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #RDAEngineeringServices #ThermalDistribution #LowTemperatureHeating