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Innovative Drying Solution for Flooded Steam Pipes

Summary Water that floods, infiltrates and remains trapped in the annular space and insulation of underground energy distribution systems, if left unaddressed, can compromise the piping to a point where it can fail. We have developed and field-proven a portable, effective and economical system...


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District Energy Engagement: What's the Big Deal About Pipes, Boilers, and Decarbonization?

Summary Colleges and universities are leading the way on the next generation of energy solutions. Efficiency, decarbonization, and cost management are important elements of these programs, however, how we involve the people in technical and financial solutions is crucial to success. Carleton...

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Focus Search - About Pipes, Boilers, and Decarbonization

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PE-Xa Pipe Material for Temperatures of 200 F and Diameters up to 26"

Summary Pe-Xa pipes are used...pipes are limited in their diameter and...pipes in a range of diameters, allowing...users to move from metallic heating pipes to


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Steam line repair project means changes on Lawyers Mall

steam, chilled water and condensate pipes