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Pittsburgh’s 2030 District includes 556 buildings that are greatly reducing energy usage. It’s healthier for all of us.

Next Pittsburgh Summary Pittsburgh’s buildings are not only getting more energy- and cost-efficient, they’re also getting healthier, which benefits us all. Since it launched in 2012, the Pittsburgh 2030 District has aimed “to commit commercial buildings in the central economic...

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Powering the Future: Pittsburgh International Airport Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Microgrid to Power Entire Facility

Allegheny County Airport Authority Summary PITTSBURGH, Oct. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the first time in the U.S., a major airport will be completely powered by its own microgrid with the use of its own on-site natural gas wells and solar panels. The first-of-its kind model will...

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Carnegie Mellon University purchases wind RECs from ENGIE

Windpower Engineering & Development Summary Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and ENGIE Resource s announced a series of multiyear energy agreements through 2024 in which the university will purchase energy from the Radford’s Run Wind Farm for its Pittsburgh campus. Martin...

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Three Pittsburgh institutions share how they're working to limit their contributions to climate change

Juliette Rihl, Public Source Summary Global indicators of climate change consistently set records. Eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Greenland and Antarctica lose hundreds of billions of tons of ice mass every year due to melting. The sea level rose about 8...

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IDEA2019 Tour Visits Clearway's Uptown Energy Center and Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA

Summary Clearway Energy Inc.’s Uptown Energy Center is a state of the art district energy facility and distribution system located east of downtown Pittsburgh in the emerging Lower Hill district. The system, which went live in 2018, provides UPMC Mercy Hospital with steam, chilled water, and...

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Phasing Required for Adding CHW Capacity and Replacing Aging Infrastructure for an Urban Campus

Summary Due to expected campus growth, the University of Pittsburgh’s existing chilled water system will no longer have enough firm capacity to meet the future campus demand. A combination of existing plant upgrades and a new chilled water generation facility as well as extensive distribution...


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OnePGH: Pittsburgh’s plans to become a more resilient city

Track 4A: Planning for Pittsburgh's Energy Pathway Speakers Grant Ervin, City of Pittsburgh Sarah Yeager, City of Pittsburgh #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Pittsburgh #Resiliency


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The Impact & Importance of District Energy in Building a Cleaner, More Efficient Pittsburgh

Track 4A: Planning for Pittsburgh's Energy Pathway Speakers Elaine Trimble, Siemens #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Pittsburgh


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Connecting Local Infrastructure Goals to International Ideals: District Energy as a Strategy for Adaptation & Decarbonization

Track 4A: Planning for Pittsburgh's Energy Pathway Speakers Katrina Kelly-Pitou, University of Pittsburgh #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Pittsburgh


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District Energy Systems in Pittsburgh: A Legacy of Leadership

Track 4A: Planning for Pittsburgh's Energy Pathway Speakers Jim Lodge, Clearway Energy #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Pittsburgh