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First DEEP Geothermal Well In Saskatchewan Exceeds Expectations

Clean Technica Summary As a source of renewable energy, geothermal has one advantage over wind turbines and solar power plants. It is operates continuously all day, every day. That means the electricity it provides is dispatchable whenever it is needed regardless of how windy or sunny...

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North Battleford hospital unlike traditional institutional design

Don Procter, Journal of Commerce Summary The Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford is being constructed on land that was a nine-hole golf course. The new hospital is being delivered in 33 months at a cost $222 million. - Photo: PHOTO COURTESY GRAHAM CONSTRUCTION The Saskatchewan...

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If Saskatchewan Can Build a Geothermal Power Plant, Why Can’t B.C.?

Carol Linnitt, Renewable Energy World June 22, 2017 Summary While news of Saskatchewan’s plan for a small geothermal power plant was met with excitement by renewable energy advocates, experts say British Columbia is far better situated to capitalize on the technology yet has failed to do so...