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Life Cycle Cost Analysis and its Various 'Flavors' - Making Sense of the "Alphabet Soup"

Summary There are many ways to approach the economic analysis of an energy project, with life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) being the ‘gold standard’. However, LCCA comes in many ‘flavors’, each of which has its own abbreviated moniker. Examples include NPV, NPW, ROI, IRR, LCOE, DCF, and variants...


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Energy Master Planning Meets the Real World at the University of Calgary

Summary In 2006, the University of Calgary updated their Energy Master Plan, setting the course for a sustainable and economical future. In the years since, the campus has expanded by roughly 1 million square feet while reducing both CO2 emissions 40% below 1990 levels, and reducing energy...


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Business Case for Resilient Energy System Scenarios, Industry Perspective – Stantec

Summary This presentation shares the business and resiliency cases for integrating renewable energy and lessons learned from implementing Net Zero projects. Examples include projects at US Army bases in Germany. Speaker Tom Phelps, Stantec #Presentation #Workshop #Military ...


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Cogeneration's Challenges and Rewards at the University of Calgary: Should We Do It Again?

Summary In early 2012, the University of Calgary (Alberta) placed their new 13 MW cogeneration system into commercial operation. Though there have been some challenges and 'lessons learned' in achieving the CHP system's potential, it has been a success from both an economic and an...