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Temple emissions fell during COVID-19 pandemic closures

The Temple News Summary When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Temple University’s Main Campus last spring, it left empty classrooms, clear roadways and an atmosphere benefitting from fewer greenhouse gases. The 2019-20 Sustainability Annual Report , which summarizes Temple’s greenhouse...

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Innovative Contract Vehicle to Accelerate Campus Energy Savings

Summary To fast-track its pace of energy project scoping and implementation, Temple University went out to bid for an energy projects contract vehicle that leveraged the university’s internal financing, outside energy engineering expertise, measurement and verification, and specialized...


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Temple University’s Microgrid and 25 Years of Lessons Learned

Summary In the early 1990’s utilities markets were still fully regulated in Pennsylvania, and tariffs punished the setting of a new summer peak kW for the following 11 months.In response, Temple’s Energy Management team conceived of a 16MW natural gas peaking generator plant that could also...


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Surgical Repairs to a Medical Campus’ Ailing Steam Distribution System

Summary This presentation reviews Temple University Health Science Center's (HSC) underground steam piping infrastructure replacement. Speaker Michael Calabrese, Burns Engineering #BurnsEngineering #ConferenceProceeding #TempleUniversity #Steam #Optimization #2016 ...