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Bifurcating a Central Plant for Redundancy and Reliability

Summary The Owner requested true reliability as the plant was going through a coal to gas conversion. Each piece of equipment and system was designed for N + 1 redundancy. The plant still presented a single point of failure mode so the solution was to bifurcate it. This resulted in “air...


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The Art of Replacing Boilers and Chillers in a Central Plant Without Impact to Production Needs

Summary Resulting from IB MACT 255,000PPH of coal fired steaming capacity was replaced with natural gas boilers. Four 70,000PPH rental boilers were installed for two years while a four-on-four boiler swap was performed. At the same time 4,800 tons of absorption chillers were replaced with 7...


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Project Challenges When Extending Chilled Water/Steam Distribution on Multi-Ownership Medical Campus

Summary Presented at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference Distribution Workshop March 5, 2018. Speakers Jay Ehrfurth & Chris Schmitz, The Boldt Company #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2018 #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #Healthcare #TheBoldtCompany ...


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Advancing the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Thermal Systems

Summary Milwaukee Regional Medical Center has undertaken a complete overhaul of the thermal energy services to their campus of 25 buildings associated with the MRMC campus. With a goal of long-term cost effectiveness and best-in-class system reliability for both steam and chilled water, MRMC...