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Turbine Inlet Cooling Association Award Nomination Deadline February 4, 2019

Press Release, Turbine Inlet Cooling Association December 21, 2018 Naperville, IL – The Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TICA) is pleased to announce that during the 2019 Western Turbine Users Inc (WTUI) Conference (March 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV), TICA will be recognizing turbine users...

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TECO Wins Efficient Technology Award

Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) Summary Thermal Energy Corporation (TECO) received an Excellence Award from the Turbine Inlet Cooling Association (TICA) for the company’s use of turbine inlet cooling, a technology that enhances power generation capacity. The award was presented March...

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Optimizing Turbine Inlet Chilling with Thermal Energy Storage

Summary The output of a gas turbine generator naturally diminishes during hot weather due to the reduction in mass flow of the less dense combustion air. Adding a closed loop chilled water system to the inlet, can recover or increase the power output of the electric generator at a high ambient...