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McMaster co-signs charter with Canadian universities to address climate change

McMaster University Daily News Summary McMaster has joined several other leading Canadian universities by pledging to work together on climate change initiatives across invested assets. The unified effort, which involves 15 signatories including McGill, te University of British Columbia...

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UBC’S Burgeoning Bioenergy Facilities Sustainability Heat and Power Our Campus

The Ubyssey Magazine Summary UBC gets a large percentage of its power and heating from clean energy projects like the Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility (BRDF) and Campus Energy Centre (CEC). The two projects help UBC further its climate action plan , working together...

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How Real-Time Hydraulic Modeling Enables Optimization at UBC

Summary Case study how UBC based on real-time distribution system hydraulic modeling gained detailed control of the operation, system optimization path, system expansion, system bottle necks, among others of their hot water based district energy system, to secure the pay-back of the $88M...

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Canadian University to Expand Biomass Plant with Federal Investment

Bioenergy Insight Summary The University of British Columbia is to spend $20.4 million (€18.4 million) expanding its wood waste to energy plant, with an additional $7.6 million (€6.8 million) in federal support. The university built its initial biomass-fuelled research and demonstration...

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University Campus Energy Centre a wood design winner for DIALOG

Peter Caulfield, Journal of Commerce Summary DIALOG has won a 2019 Wood Design Award from Wood WORKS! BC in the Institutional Wood Design – Large category. The Vancouver-based design company won for its Campus Energy Centre (CEC), a LEED Gold-certified hot water boiler facility that...

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UBC tops global university impact rankings: Times Higher Education

The University of British Columbia Summary The University of British Columbia is ranked number one in the world for taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and ranked one in Canada for making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, according to Times Higher...

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UBC's water use, emissions plummet as sustainability solutions take hold

Summary UBC has increased enrollment by 24,000 students over the last 20 years while reducing annual water consumption on the campus by 50 percent, a whopping 272 million litres in total. That is a reduction of 69 per cent per-capita for the equivalent of about 47,000-plus full-time...

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Division 15 Mechanical making a name for itself with district energy systems

Peter Caulfield, Journal of Commerce Summary Division 115 Mechanical Ltd. is a Surrey, B.C.-based company that provides design-build, design-assist and construction services for mechanical systems in British Columbia. The company is also making a name for itself as a specialist in...

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UBC Biomass Expansion Project

Summary UBC is expanding its Biomass facility (BRDF) which will triple the size of UBC biomass production capacity. Once the project is completed (mid 2020), the UBC district energy system will be 70% renewably fuel sourced. This will complete a 10 year program that will have achieved an...


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Corix Temporary Energy Centres East and West

Corix’s TEC East and West are the two interim energy centre’s providing hot water thermal energy to the Neighbourhood District Energy Service (NDES) at UBC while the development of the Wesbrook Neighbourhood builds out. Both energy centre’s are a temporary means used to bridge the timing gap...

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