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How Do the Differences Between the Standards (EN, ASTM and ASME) Effect the Quality, Cost

Summary A comparison of the applicable norms for pre-insulated piping systems looking into general considerations for system design such as service life, project class and documentation. We will also examine components and materials; steel pipe components (steel grade and schedules),...


Library Entry
How to Install a District Energy Piping System Efficiently to Ensure a Longer Service Life

Summary Based on how Sheridan College has installed district heating using isoplus pre-insulated piping systems, we will cover important factors to consider before, during and under installation. This includes difference between EN and ASTM standards, leak detection, the importance of...


Blog Entry
Savo-Solar and isoplus Fjernvarmeteknik strengthen their cooperation

Press Release, Globe Newswire Savo-Solar and isoplus Fjernvarmeteknik strengthen their cooperation Savo-Solar has signed a contract with isoplus Fjernvarmeteknik A/S in Denmark, a member of IDEA, on cooperation concerning conceptual turnkey deliveries of district energy and large...