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Alabama Power Renewable Energy RFP 

09-26-2018 13:02


Alabama Power has issued a 2018 Request for Proposal ("RFP") for renewable energy resources. This RFP will be consistent with the authorization granted the Company by the Alabama Public Service Commission iDocket No. 32382

Qualifying proposals submitted through this RFP will afford Alabama Power an opportunity to review the market offerings of renewable energy resources and determine whether there are economic and viable renewable energy projects suitable for pursuit, consistent with the authorization granted. 

The RFP can be fount at: 


  • A project must be meet the criteria for a “renewable” generating resource, as identified in Section 40-18-1(30), Code of Alabama (1975) or “environmentally specialized” generating resource.
  • A project must be at least 5 MWac but not greater than 80 MWac in size and be operated as a certified Qualifying Facility.
    •  Alabama Power will accept proposals for turnkey projects as well as for power purchase agreements (“PPA”) for renewable or environmentally specialized energy generation resources.  For PPA projects, Alabama Power must receive all of the environmental attributes. 

  • A project must be located in the state of Alabama and must be interconnected with Alabama Power’s electric system (either transmission or distribution). 

Response Date: October 26th, 2018

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