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Climate Smart: Cities Working Together 

10-10-2018 16:32


Five pairs of cities in Germany and Minnesota are collaborating to develop efficient and sustainable responses to the challenges of climate change. Produced with the UMN Institute on the Environment. 

Featured Member: Ever-Green Energy

"Ever-Green Energy is proud to be one of founders of the Climate Smart Municipalities program.  This partnership between Minnesota and North Rheine Westphalia, Germany is accomplishing what we hoped it would.  It has been a catalyst for increasing the pace of change in the Minnesota communities participating in the program.  Now those communities are also serving as a demonstration of what is possible to other communities across the State and the upper Midwest.  This program is demonstrating that through local leadership and partnership, cities of all sizes are able to advance their energy systems and reduce their carbon emissions more quickly than imagined just a few years ago."

-Ken Smith, Ever-Green Energy

Air Date: January 29, 2018


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