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DHC as Backbones of Sustainable Cities 

12-11-2018 02:15


Today, as Engie, we are leaders in France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, NL and the Philippines.
The acquisition of a strategic share in Tabreed provided us with a leading position in the GCC and a worldwide leader position in District Cooling.

Engie had an amazing growth story in the last 2 years during which we jumped from 11 GW to close to 16 GW installed (+ 5 GW, the equivalent of 5 nuclear power plants) and we invested together with partners ~3 B€.

We believe that systemic approaches, the 4th generation of DHC networks – a combination of decentralized renewables, thermal storage, heating, cooling, power, electrical mobility etc. combining smart thermal and electrical grids will provide most value for all stakeholders.

This 4th generation should thrive from 2020 and really be “the” most efficient and economical solution for decarbonizing Cities.

Thus highly efficient District Cooling, with it’s many known benefits including positive externalities like reducing the heat island effect and increasing resilience, finds itself at the core of Engie’s strategy of 3D Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization and providing Cities and their Citizens with a more harmonious and sustainable lifestyle.


Micheal Schack, ENGIE


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