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District Energy Space Awards 2011 

06-19-2017 12:59

Each year, IDEA asks all of its member systems to provide the number of buildings and their area in square feet that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service during the previous calendar year.

We report the number of buildings, gross square foot area and thermal energy services provided (heating, cooling, domestic hot water, laundry, ice-making, pool warming, etc.) that have been committed or recommitted to district energy service during the year of the edition. We also ask for overall information about your energy system, including Type of District Energy/CHP system(s); Ownership Structure, Site Overview and Total Building Area Served, System Capacity, and Annual Production.

At IDEA's Annual Conference & Trade Show, systems showcasing the most industry growth are presented with awards in the following categories:

Greatest Number of Buildings, North America
Greatest Number of Buildings, Beyond North America
Most Square Feet, North America
Most Square Feet, Beyond North America

2011 District Energy Space Award Recipients

Greatest Number of Buildings/North America

  • Gold: Markham District Energy (39 buildings)
  • Silver: Veolia Energy, N.A.—Boston System (20 buildings)
  • Bronze: Consolidated Edison Steam Operations (3 buildings)
  • Bronze: District Energy St. Paul (3 buildings)

Most Square Feet Added/North America

  • Gold: Veolia Energy, N.A.—Boston System (5,967,500 sq ft)
  • Silver: Veolia Energy, N.A.—Philadelphia System (2,255,577 sq ft)
  • Bronze: GSA HOTD (2,118,928 sq ft)

Greatest Number of Buildings/Beyond North America

  • Gold: Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) (707 buildings)
  • Silver: Empower (114 buildings)
  • Bronze: Qatar Cool (48 buildings)

Most Square Feet Added/Beyond North America

  • Gold: Empower (24,645,000 sq ft)
  • Silver: Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) (13,453,989 sq ft)
  • Bronze: Qatar Cool (12,295,700 sq ft)

About District Energy Space

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