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Enwave receives funding to expand their deep lake-water cooling system 

02-04-2019 10:55

Enwave received $10 million in federal funding to expand their deep lake-water cooling system.

The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change explains “Enwave is the first recipient under a program our government has to support business and other folks that are reducing emissions but also have smart solutions and are saving folks money.” Enwave is investing the $10 million of federal funding in expansion of their deep lake-water cooling system.  

The deep lake-water cooling system “utilizes the cooling from Lake Ontario to cool all of downtown Toronto,” Carlyle Coutinho, President and COO of Enwave describes. Instead of using chillers or air conditioning units, the system “use[s] water and circulate[s] it around the city to cool down all of the buildings,” saving “80% of electricity that would have been used if deep lake-water cooling didn’t exist.”

The deep lake-water system provides cooling to the city of Toronto, including hospitals. Edward Rubinstein, Director of Energy at the University Heath Network, explains that the system “provides cost savings that can be reinvested in the patients” and “at the same time gives us a level of reliability and redundancy in our cooling which is so important these days in health care.”

For more information watch Enwave’s video below and read Enwave’s Press Release.


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