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Informatics Driven Central Plant Optimization 

02-26-2019 12:04


The NIH Central Utility Plant (CUP) is one of the most complex and one of the largest CUP systems in the USA. Over the past 3 years, the data management platform has allowed for operations to go from 480 manually recorded data points per day to over 45 million data points per day from multiple SCADA systems. The NIH data system consists of real-time monitoring as well as almost 1,000,000 advanced calculations. Data Management platform system has paved the way for CUP optimization from many facets:. • Automatized and adaptive optimization program employing advanced statistical methods, energy system modeling, thermal storage tank dispatch and load forecast modeling with Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Holt-Winters methods.• An enterprise website, online equipment fault notification, alarm management, plant level KPI, shift turn over pages, and control room process displays made intelligent operational decision possible by real-time, reliable data monitoring.• Reliability Alliance Maintenance program allows CUP to meet the industrial standards • System asset reliability was improved in terms of equipment failure and availability since FY13. • Enhanced data quality assurance via advanced analytics such as energy, mass and cost balance review and cross disciplinary check. The continuing expansion of CUP data system allows for further strives in complex systems optimization, while adheres to reliability and safety standards.

Session 1C: Energy Management, the Digital Plant & Cyber Security


Don Guan, National Institutes of Health
Alex Huang, National Institutes of Health
Kayvan Torkashvan, National Institutes of Health


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