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Office of Energy Assurance Issues Open Request for Information, Seeks Innovative Energy Resilience Ideas 

08-21-2018 09:23


The Government is performing market research to determine feasibility of contracting for various energy generation technologies for the purpose of providing resilience and solutions to Air Force Office of Energy Assurance (OEA). OEA serves as the facilitator and integrator of energy assurance efforts and acts as "resilience advocates" by ensuring projects align with installation needs and with the three strategic goals of the Air Force Energy Flight Plan 2016-2036 (Attachment A). The plan's goals are to improve resiliency, optimize demand, and assure supply. As such, OEA partners with defense and federal agencies, industry, and communities, to develop innovative, technology-neutral energy solutions that defend against cyber, natural, and adversarial based service interruptions.

Purpose of RFI

To accomplish its mission, OEA is focused on building a "go to market" strategy that aligns Air Force priorities and mission requirements with market drivers. Accordingly, this RFI is intended to inquire about technical and financial data points and project development concepts from Industry. The plan is to use this data to assist OEA in expanding its energy resilience opportunities and further developing its project development portfolio considerations. 

This is a Request for Information (RFI). This RFI shall not be construed as a Request for Proposal (RFP), a lease solicitation, or any obligation on the part of the Government. The Government does not intend to select or qualify proposals or offers on the basis of this RFI or otherwise pay for information obtained via this RFI or in response to this notice. No basis for claim against the Government shall arise as a result of a response to this RFI.

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Response Date: 15 Feb-2019


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